A cowhide rug consists of the skin and hair of a cow, which is referred to as its hide
A cowhide rug will also retain most of the intact condition of the hide, giving a distinctive curved shape that sets it apart from other rugs that just have animal patterning on standard shapes. It’s also incredibly soft and pleasing underfoot
One of the main benefits of a real cowhide rug is its complete uniqueness. Just as every cow has its own distinct hide with its own distinct markings, so does every cowhide rug. Thus, when you buy a real cowhide rug, you get a truly individual  design piece
A real cowhide rug will also be exceptionally durable in the same way that genuine leather is. It will most likely last longer than any other rug you own

​ Cowhide rugs are taken from cows that are already in the meat production process, so while if you’re a vegetarian you willnaturally object to this, the animals are not slaughtered specifically for their hides
Because of the irregular curved outline of a cowhide rug, it can be difficult to measure. Of course, it also depends on the size of the cow that it comes from. Typically, a small cowhide rug will be about 1-2 square metres while a large cowhide rug can reach up to 4.5 square metres
How to Choose Your Cowhide Rug Size and Placement
As with any rug, it’s best practice to measure the room you intend to place the rug in before you buy. If you buy a cowhide rug that is too large, it could risk overpowering the room with its
​​​​​​​eye-catching patterning

​Think about the purpose you want for your rug: is it going to be the centrepiece of the room? Is it one small focal point in a decorative corner? Choose the size depending on this
If you opt for a real cowhide rug, these will perform well in high traffic areas like hallways and landings due to the strength and durability of the material
A small cowhide rug underneath a coffee table in your living room, for example, creates a neat focal point and won’t look too overcrowded if the colours are neutral. A cowhide rug can also work well in a bedroom, creating a really cosy, sumptuous vibe

​Heritage and Heirloom Pieces that Last Lifetimes

General Cowhide Rug Cleaning Tips
To maintain its longevity and quality, cleaning your cowhide rug needs to be done with care. This can even just consist of taking your rug outside to shake out the dust and dirt
To prevent the build-up of dirt and grit in your cowhide rug, regular light vacuuming should do the trick. Use the brush attachment to ensure your vacuum cleaner can get deep into the fibres and make sure to move in the direction in which the fur fibres naturally run

Can You Dry Clean a Cowhide Rug
You cannot dry clean a cowhide rug. The chemicals will damage your cowhide rug and ruin it. Never wash your cowhide rug in a washing machine and don’t leave it to soak, as this will disrupt the tanning materials
Regular maintenance as detailed in the section above is all your cowhide rug should need. You can invest in a fabric protector to guard against stains before they happen
If you do find that your cowhide rug has become quite dirty, however, you can use a steam cleaner once in a while. Remove stains and spillages with the method below 

What to Do If You Spill Something on Your Cowhide Rug
Soak up the excess liquid with a paper towel and then put a little shampoo or gentle household soap on a damp cloth to blot the spillage. Be careful to never use alkaline cleaning soap as this can damage the rug 
If you then apply a little white vinegar to the area, this should guard against staining. A great tip for removing grease stains is to use Eucalyptus oil
What Should You Place Under a Cowhide Rug
If your cowhide rug is in an area with very little foot traffic, you most likely don’t need any kind of carpet underlay or rug pad
If you want to put your cowhide rug in a place where it may be walked over, a simple carpet underlay will provide the perfect anti-slip solution
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