​Jahrom city is known as the largest garden city in Iran and produces more than 1 million tons of garden products annually, producing 1.2% of dates and 6% of the citrus in the world. And with 350,000 palm trees and 3.5 million citrus trees, it is one of the important agricultural poles of Iran. About 35 percent of the country's total Lime is produced in Jahrom and is also the largest Citrus limetta (Sweet lemon) production center in the world, which is exported to Asian countries, Europe and the Persian Gulf region in addition to domestic consumption. Jahrom is also the packing and sorting hub of Iran
Agriculture and horticulture in this city is traditionally and semi-industrial, but due to its geographical location, gardening is the main basis of the city's economy. In the meantime, citrus gardens and dates are of great importance
Citrus fruits, dates (Shahani dates of this city are famous worldwide) are among the most important products of Jahrom
We are proud to sell the agricultural products of our ancestral city. The direct cooperation of Padideh Gostaran Alborz Mana with the gardeners of Jahrom Citrus and palm groves has caused the quality of our products to be very high. Our company team consists of gardeners and young people from Jahrom who are committed to exporting agricultural products of the highest quality and world standard

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