A collage is a type of artwork. It is usually a combination of pictures, photos, or pieces of paper that are glued onto a larger backing, such as poster board. The word 'collage' is actually a French word that used in English
A beautiful view of Persian carpet and leather
Leather is a luxury product and Persian leather is one of the best leathers
Skin rugs and leather rugs are a type of modern rugs for which natural cowhide and traditional hand-woven or machine-made rugs are used
The beauty of these carpets is very stunning and they are available in different types such as doormat, carpet side, wall skin and carpet

Expert artists are used to sew leather and carpets, which makes the quality and value of the carpet higher than other carpets
To produce leather and carpets, it is professionally tanned with the best materials and then it is offered in various colors
Carpets made of natural skin, in addition to the beautiful effects they have on home decoration, also have healing properties. One of the roles of these types of carpets is to prevent moisture and diseases from entering the body

Our first type of collage carpet
  A combination of cow hide and Persian carpet and leather

​Heritage and Heirloom Pieces that Last Lifetimes

The second type of our collage carpet
A combination of one cowhide or several cowhides

We produce our carpets according to your decoration. You can inform our experts and we will produce your desired design by the best artists. All our collage works are the art of the hands of skilled artists