​Khassui dates

​التمر الخاصوئي

Zahedi date, which is also known as “Ghasab date” in some regions of Iran, belongs to the dry and semi-dry date categories. This date is produced in tropical and southern parts of Iran. The color of this date ranges from yellow to light brown and its famous for its great taste. It is the most frequently used dried date. Zahedi Date has less moisture compared to other kinds of persian Dates and Its moisture is under %14. it is popular for its high quality and nutritional value. Zahedi Date is a small date, round and its size is about 3.5 cm

Iranian Dates are a great source of energy and are considered as a great snack for people on diet. You can consume one handful of zahedi dates which is an approximate number of 100 grams on a daily basis. Since dates are a great source of fibers, proteins and energy they can improve the function of your brain.Our company is a major supplier of Zahedi dates

​له مظهر على شكل البرقوق، ويزرع في جهروم وبوشهر في إيران.
بسبب طراوة التمر الخاص فهو يحتوي على نسبة سكر أقل من التمر الجاف، كما أن كمية الحديد والبوتاسيوم
والمغنيسيوم في التمر خاصوئي أكثر مقارنة بحجمه الصغير، ويمكن أن يكون وجبة خفيفة جيدة لجميع الناس، وخاصة
الرياضيين والأشخاص الذين القيام بالكثير من النشاط البدني خلال النهار.
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